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Fall 2021 Agent Incentive

Spoil yourself with Legacy Cash! Each agent can earn Legacy Cash by completing various Real Estate tasks & tactics designed to build your business. Yes - you read that correctly... you get to earn Legacy Cash, redeemable on incredible items selected by Lori, just for building your own business!


Here's how it works, each prize item has a designated value (see below). You can complete any combination of the Legacy Cash producing activities in order to earn. Once you've earned enough cash, simply redeem said cash on the prizes you want. That's it!


Below is a list of Tasks/Tactics and their values; along with a list of prizes and their values.


Happy Earning! 

How To Earn Cash:

20 Pop-Bys: $10

5 Showings: $10

Open House:$10

Executed Listing Agreement: $50

Executed Lease:$100

Executed Buyer's Rep Agreement:$200

Executed Contract: $500

Closing: $1,000

Spend the Day with Bekki: $100

Spend the Day with Brandon: $100

Emailing Monthly Newsletters: $15

Sending Annual Update CMA to Everyone You Know: $10


Market on Next-door: $15

Develop a post or series of posts/videos highlighting great area restaurants and entertainment. Though property, price, size, style, and features are the top considerations for the modern home buyer, living in a community with plentiful food and entertainment options is an increasingly important factor as well. Yelp, TripAdvisor, and a wealth of other websites offer up reviews and details about movie theaters, restaurants, and similar businesses. That’s where you come into play - the all knowing Real Estate Agent. Your series should focus on why a home buyer would be interested in that market, less property specifics.


Create Hashtag For Yourself/Niche: $5

We all know the best way to find new “Cold” leads on the internet is through Social Media - and the number one search tool on Social Media remains the #hashtag. This task is designed for you to better expand your search within your Niche Market. So, come up with your very own Real Estate Hashtag… specific to you. (In order for this task to count, Brandon will verify social media activity using the new #Hashtag)


Post what you love most about being a Real Estate Agent: $5

Here’s an easy one… WHY do YOU love being a Realtor? Write it up in detail with some back story and post it to social media. Send it to Brandon to put on your Agent Page of the website for an additional $5 entry.


Develop and Write a Blog Post: $10

Blogging for some is just an outlet to vent - for others, it’s the new Google. Many people searching on the internet for professional services see people with professional blogs as a greater expert than those who don’t. This is an investment in your business, will require some time to nurture and develop; but will be worth it in the long run. Link to blog must be posted with submission.


Create Pinterest Board - Staging a Home / Bathroom Goals / Kitchen Goals: $10

More people search Pinterest for home design tips than any other service on the internet. That’s a fact. Don’t look it up. Pinterest is another way for you to tie in your Niche Market, new #Hashtag, Agent Branding, and Blog to begin generating some backend user traffic for your business. Find your niche and begin the process of branding yourself as an expert in that arena. Pinterest board must have at least 50 pins in order to count as complete.


Create Branding Video: $40

Branding Videos are a great way to spread your name and professional services to your network. This isn’t a home movie however… this is a professionally put together branding video. Get creative! Video must be at least 60 seconds in length, have music set in the background, show you doing at least 5 different Real Estate activities, and be branded with both The Legacy Group logo and your hashtag.


Post “Room of the Day”: $2

Another easy entry tactic… find a room that you love the design of and post it to your social media using your hashtag. As an on-going tactic, this will not only generate multiple incentive entries, but will also ever increase your branding as an expert and build your online presence. Giving your audience some professional they know they can rely on you for.


Find Your Niche and send 10 Hand Written Notes: $10

We live in an ever increasing Digital World. But Hand written notes are NOT a thing of the past. They actually remain one of the most effective Marketing Tools in a Realtor’s arsenal. These notes show professionalism, investment, and generate a personal connection with the recipient. Use them as a follow up to spark up a conversation. Picture of hand written notes ready to send must be submitted for task to count. For additional entries, post to social media using your hashtag.


Share a list of New Construction Neighborhood to capture seller leads: $5

This task is a no brainer! With the inventory in the Metroplex being low, and buyer needs being high… the new construction market has sky rocketed! Why not take advantage? Find a neighborhood that fits your niche market, get the builder reps to send you a list and some materials; then put together a list explaining the benefits of each neighborhood, their amenities, and so forth. Most of the builders will do all this work for you, you just have to capitalize on the opportunities. Each Social Media Post for each neighborhood generates the $5 cash.


Make a Landing Page How Much is Your Home Worth: $5


Video of Showing A House (Cribs): $10

Ever seen MTV Cribs? No? Wait… what? Ok, here’s the deal… pick a listing (doesn’t have to be yours) and video yourself showing that property. Not just your basic walkthrough, but show the property like you would if there was someone there in person. Going room by room pointing out the various features, highlighting unique aspects of the property and so forth. Invite people watching it to “Come on in”. Video must be set to music, must highlight each room, and must be edited to some capacity.


Post Organization Tips: $5

Another simple task… organization is something almost every client asks for. They all need it, and very few people want to admit it. So, help your niche out by posting organizational tips for their home to your social media. Use your new Pinterest Board and hashtag to continue building your brand across your social medias.


Create A Slogan: $20

Are you a Realtor? Do you actually do transactions? Then you have a slogan. Slogans show that you’ve done enough business to understand who you are as a Realtor in your Niche market. Come up with something unique and use it in your Realtor branding!


Start A Referral Program: $30

A Realtor’s #1 source of clients remains, and will always remain, referrals. Do you go see movies someone recommends over ones someone doesn’t? Of course you do! Wouldn’t you rather work with a realtor that someone you trust recommends? Of course you would! So referrals are important. Referral programs are a lifeblood to any successful Realtors business. In order for this to be considered a referral program, there must be structure. So you need to put together what it looks like from an operations stand point. What do people get for the referral? Are there levels to your program? Are different size referrals worth different things? Etc. Comprehensive details of how the program works must be provided in order for it to count.


Post Survey Online & Win A Prize: $15

Ever seen this survey’s online where someone wants you to answer one-five questions and your could win a prize? Bet you’ve participated, huh? See! It works! So, post a quick survey to your social media surrounding Real Estate and give away a prize.


Meet 1 Financial Planner & ask for Referrals: $25

Meet 1 Insurance Agent and ask for Referrals: $25

These two are a MUST! Network. Network. NETWORK! These two professional trades can be the lifeblood of a Realtor’s thriving business. Not only that, they can feed into other tactics we’ve outlined to really expand your growing business. In order to count, you cannot use Lori’s preferred Lender, Financial Planner, or Insurance Agent. So get networking!

Do a Post to Social Media Explaining Buyer Closing Costs: $15

Do you know what buyer closing costs look like when purchasing a home? Great! Most people don’t. Sit down and explain what it could look like when a buyer is purchasing a new home and what they will need to know in regards to the Closing Costs.


CE Or Any Class: $75

You ALL need it! So you might as well earn some Incentive Cash for it. Register and complete any 10+ hour CE class and submit the certificate of completion to earn yourself some incentive cash!


Create a LinkedIn Profile: $10

The #1 Business Professionals Social Media in the world. Seems like a given that any successful and growing Realtor would have a profile, right? Right. Create a linked in Profile, list your current employer as The Legacy Group (find our official business page) and connect with as many suggested connections as possible. Must have at least 100 connections on LinkedIn at the end of the incentive for this entry to count.


Post “Day In the Life of a Realtor”: $10

You’re fun. Your job is fun. And most people don’t know what it’s like to be a Realtor. “What do you do all day?” Show them. Whether it’s another blog post, a video, a multi-picture post… whatever; give people an insight into what it looks like to be a Realtor for a day!

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